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"Kelly is a leader among leaders."  
    Garrett Humbertson, Convention of States Project

House Majority Whip

President - HIstoric Arizona BBA Planning Convention

​Chairman - BBA Planning Convention Committee

Member - Rules Committee

Running for my final term in the AZ House of Representatives.

 To my constituents:

    Since elected in 2012, I have been advocating for more dollars in the classroom, and have been consistently supportive of teachers.  was not able to vote for the Governor's plan in the end, however.  It was adding too much to the budget without assurance that in an economic downturn we wouldn't face a serious deficit.  The taxpayers would ultimately be on the hook for that deficit, which I believe is the ultimate goal of the RedForEd movement.  I came to the Capitol to represent the taxpayer, not sell them out in order to please the loud minority.  You can count on me to do the right thing in the end.

     Additionally, I cannot support or negotiate with the RedForEd leaders who are openly espousing Socialist ideas, exposing students to those ideas, encouraging other teachers to read socialist material, and inserting politics into the movement.  

- Maj. Whip Kelly Townsend, MAS-IFP

Arizona Strong

  "Your ability to confront government corruption on all levels is 

    second to none."  ​- Mike Petersen 

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  Representing the 16th Legislative District of AZ

  • Mesa (East of Power Rd.)
  • Apache Junction
  • Gold Canyon
  • ​San Tan Valley
  • North Queen Creek

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Mesa Chamber of Commerce


Professional Firefighters of Arizona