​My Awards

  • Most Conservative Legislator
    • ​AZ Republican Alliance

  • Defender of the Constitution
    • ​BBA Task Force

  • Legislative Friend
    • ​AZ League of Cities & Town

  • Friend of the Family
    • ​The AZ Family Project

  • Champion of the Taxpayer​
    • ​Americans for Prosperity

  • Legislative Champion
    • ​March of Dimes

​My Background

  • US Navy Veteran
  • Corporate Management
  • Small Business Owner
  • Certified Doula Trainer (DONA)
  • Published Author
  • Widow to Dan Townsend
  • Mother of 3 grown children
  • Master's Degree - Infant Family Practice

My Hobbies

  • Photography
  • Genealogy & related travel
  • Historical reconstructionism
    • Rediscovering what we no longer teach in public schools
    • Political Archaeology 
  • Calendonia Society Member
  • Hobby farming
  • Outdoor exploring of Arizona
  • Singing/songwriting
  • ​​Studying Epigenetics & Consciousness​

​My Values

  • Christian 
  • Constitutional Conservative
  • Social & Fiscal Conservative
  • Personal Responsibility
  • ​Limited Government
  • Rule of Law
  • Integrity  
  • Arizona First

About Kelly Townsend 

  Paid for by Townsend For Senate

Rep. Townsend's roots in Arizona go back to the heyday of Tombstone, where her Great Great Grandfather George Buford was a successful silver miner.  Kelly grew up in Oregon and then joined the Navy and served as an Aviation Structural Mechanic on F-14s and F/A-18 aircraft in Point Mugu, CA from 1988 - 1992.  After the Navy, she had a career in Corporate Management, in health care as a Birth Doula, and as a small business owner. Kelly returned her family to Arizona in 2004 to raise the children and finish her degree.  She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Human Communications, and her Master's Degree in Infant & Family Practice at Arizona State University.  She is an accomplished author with books published in the USA, Croatia, and Slovenia. Kelly is well traveled internationally, is multi-cultural and semi-bilingual, and has an interest in International and State government.  She is widowed and the mother of three adult children.