Thank you for your help in raising funds for the campaign.  It is true what they say, $$$ wins elections.  I have worked hard for my constituents and have the support of many, but it will still take tangible efforts to reach new voters who have arrived to our district. Please help me do that and share our message!

Thank you for your contribution to the cause!

Please donate online using the button on the  right, or send check/money order to:

Townsend For Senate

PO Box 3004

Gilbert, AZ 85299

Thank You For Your Help!




  Individual, Partnerships,

  and regular PACs without

  mega status -     

 Up to $5,200

  Political Party -

  Up to $8,100 (to party nominee only)

  Mega PAC -

  Up to  $10,000

  Paid for by Townsend For Senate

Any amount is appreciated!


For reporting purposes please provide us with the following:

  • full name
  • complete address
  • phone number and email
  • occupation and employer. 

If you do not have an occupation or employer, please use general terms such as the following:

  • homemaker
  • none
  • self
  • retired'
  • unemployed