Top Priorities:

     - Protecting the 2nd Amendment

     - Protecting the Unborn

     - Balancing the Budget

     - Securing the Border

     - Cleaning up the Department of Child Services

    - Improving Education with Parental Oversight

    - Protecting Veterans' Rights

    - Fighting Federal Overreach

    - Defending local residents & addressing tough issues

"Kelly is a leader among leaders."

House Majority Whip

Chairman - BBA Planning Convention Committee

Member - Rules Committee

​Thank you to everyone who has shown their faith in my candidacy!  I am running for re-election and ask again for your vote.  If you have followed my work, you know I fight hard for your freedoms and that I am not just any politician.  I consider myself a Statesman who is serving my country once again in an effort to restore this great Republic.  I am not only active at the Legislature, but also in the community working to ensure individual liberties are fiercely protected.

Help me to continue to fight for your Constitutional rights while at the Legislature!           - Kelly  


  Some News Stories About Kelly:

     - AZ Governor Signs Bills Enhancing Concealed Carry, Barring Gun Control

     - AZ Governor signs bill protecting Salt River Wild Horses

     - Arizona House Bill Would Prohibit Red Light, Speed Cameras

     - Arizona Exempts Potlucks, School Veggies From Food Safety Rules

     - Lawmaker: Why It's Time For A Convention of States

     - Legislator Calls For More DCS Oversight

Kelly's thoughts on the Article V Convention of States

Thank you for your help and support!

Working Hard For You

"I believe a person's life begins at conception and they deserve Constitutional rights.  I am about finished with my Master's Degree at ASU in Infant Family Practice and I value the importance of family and traditional values."

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Navy Veteran                                            Defender of Liberty

Garrett Humbertson,

Convention of States

Although AZRTL will not be endorsing candidates this time around, Kelly has a 100% pro-life voting record and is honored to have received their endorsement for the last two election cycles.  You can be assured she will continue her pro-life commitment going forward.

Representative Kelly Townsend

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Kelly has received the 2016 endorsement of the NRA for the third election cycle in a row, and is one of only two legislators to receive an A+ rating for her no-compromise support of your 2nd Amendment rights.