Center For Arizona Policy

100% Pro-Life/Pro-Family

Kelly's Ratings

American Conservative Union 2016

91% Positive Rating

By my ratings and awards, you will see that I am a consistent conservative with high scoring on my work.  With one exception,

(that could be firmly argued is politically motivated) all organizations recognize me for being a strong Conservative Legislator.  I have 100% consistency when voting for 2nd Amendment & pro-life issues (as evidenced by my NRA A+ rating and AZRTL endorsements in 2012/2014).  I hope to win these endorsements again this year, and you can count on me to continue to be your voice and champion in the Legislature!

AZ Republican Assembly 2015

Most Conservative Legislator

Arizona Small Business Association - 2016

​100% Score

Americans for Prosperity  2013 - 2016

Champion, Hero & Friend of the Taxpayer

The Arizona Family Project

​Friend of the Family Award 2013, 2014, 2015