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Kelly is an accomplished State Legislator running for the Arizona Senate who serves currently in the House of Representatives.  Her colleagues from around the country recognized her efforts and elected her as President to the AZ BBA Planning Convention, a historic gathering that has not occured at this level of authority for the last 156 years.


   Kelly's Top Priorities &

  Political Activities:


  • The Constitution
  • The Unborn
  • Local residents
  • Veterans' Rights
  • Property Rights
  • ​Family Values
  • Parental Rights
  • Religious Rights
  • Small businesses
  • Salt River Horses


  • Improved Education
  • More Jobs & a Better Economy
  • A Secure Border
  • An Article V Convention of States
    • Balanced Budget
    • Term Limits
    • Restore a balance of power
  • Preparedness & National / Arizona Security
  • ​Accountability in Congress & Fed Agencies